The Best Radio For A Home Gym

It’s getting increasingly common for people to choose to set up their own home gym, so that they can work out at home rather than going to the nearest gym. For some people, the motivation is purely cost, with the ongoing cost of monthly fees eventually vastly outweighing the cost of home equipment. For others, it overcomes the problem of low self esteem, for those that prefer to exercise in private.

The obstacle is clear too – cost. Cross trainers aren’t the cheapest buys, even if you can pick up an exercise bike from Argos. Beyond that, it’s just a case of having a spare room at home to convert to your own personal fitness suite. That’s not possible for a lot of people, so we’re increasingly seeing garage conversions, or even garden sheds used instead.

Music is obviously a popular choice for exercise too. If you’re indoors that might be as simple as a portable stereo being plugged in, but what if you’re in a garage or shed without power points? Well, you could go for a classic ghetto blaster, or more likely a similar portable radio to one you’d use indoors with batteries. On the other hand, why not get a one of the cheap new builder’s radios? As you can read in that website’s Makita DMR104 review, they run on both the mains, and batteries too – what separates them from your average portable stereo though, is they’re built to run all day of rechargeable batteries. That means you’re less likely to plunge into silence mid workout.

Typically, builder’s radios offer all the features you’d expect to find on a normal home stereo, and incredibly they can be cheaper too. DAB, MP3 player connectivity and great sound quality are all commonly found in these ranges, so they’re certainly worth a look to kit out your new home gym!