The Gym That’s Built Around You

At Hornchurch, we believe that fitness doesn’t need to be a chore, and certainly doesn’t need to be boring. While some people love to get on the treadmills and bikes, most of us struggle to motivate ourselves to get out of bed and head to the gym before work, or stop off on the way home after a tough day at the office. We get it.

That’s why our team won’t make you feel small or like an overweight sweatball ten minutes after you’ve joined up with us. We’ve all been there, in fact we actively employ people that have overcome their fears to jump on the road to fitness.

When we say we’re the gym that’s built around you, it’s not meant literally, but reflects that we want to ease you into your journey. There’s nothing more daunting that getting onto a cross trainer for the first time in a room full of people sprinting down an imaginary road on a treadmill, or lifting weights next to someone with biceps bigger than your thighs. Our sessions will ease you in gently, and offer you sessions at times when only the beginners are in the building.

We even understand that some people would rather start getting into shape in the comfort of their own homes, which is why we’ve got a number of exercise machines for short and medium term hire for our members!

We hope you’ll enjoy working out with us here at Hornchurch, and look forward to seeing your progress!